ICNDT SIG: NDT Reliability

Scope of Activities

The reliability of non-destructive testing (NDT) has been a much-discussed topic since the first applications of NDT. Therefore, various standards and practices have been introduced to ensure that NDT is performed to the highest possible quality standards. In recent decades, various validation methods have been developed to increase confidence in testing methods using deterministic and probabilistic approaches. In addition to physical capabilities, the influence of application factors and human factors on the reliability has been widely recognized adding to the understanding of what influences the reliability of NDT.

Born out of the European-American Workshops (EAW) on NDT Reliability, the topic has attracted an international audience over the years. During the last workshop in Potsdam in 2017 with international attendance, several voices were raised to give the Workshop an international name, which was strongly supported by the ICNDT. The ICNDT decided to take the topic under its umbrella, which led to the official founding of the Specialist International Group (SIG) "NDT Reliability" within ICNDT WG 3, "Research and Education", and with the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP) as host society.

Standardisation of Reliability Evaluations

  • Identify relevant industries in the need of reliability
  • Review existing work
  • Review the standardisation-gap
  • Consider the costs of validation of testing systems
  • Prepare ICNDT Guides

Human and Organisational Factors
(Further information)

  • Explore relevant research, including medical imaging
  • Review best practices (guidance/regulations/rules) internationally
  • Discuss the possibility of quantifying human factors and including them in the reliability assessment
  • Discuss the best practices for the transfer of HF knowledge to the industry
  • Prepare ICNDT Guides

Reliability for NDE 4.0

  • Discussion on reliability in the context for NDE 4.0
  • Identify reliability topics to be handled in the SIG “NDT Reliability”
  • Nominate people to represent this SIG in the SIG “NDE 4.0”
  • Deliver input to SIG “NDE 4.0”

For more information on joining or contributing to SIG NDT Reliability, please contact Co-Chairs

Dr. Daniel Kanzler (DGZfp)
Email: kanzlerd@av-ndt.com

Marija Bertovic (DGZfp)
Email: marija.bertovic@bam.de