World Conference Organising Committee

The functions of the Committee shall be:

  1. Organise the forthcoming Conference
  2. Arrange the International Committee meetings as required by the ICNDT Chair
  3. Report Conference progress and activities to ICNDT Chair, General Secretary, Executive and Policy and General Purposes Committee
  4. Arrange a Conference Secretariat to provide support.
Role Person E-mail
President (KSNT) Prof. Younho Cho
Member (ICNDT Chair) Dr. Sajeesh K Babu
Member (ICNDT Past Chair) Dr. Mike Farley
Member Dr. Man Young Choi (KSNT)
Member Dr. Jong Po Lee (KSNT)
Member Dr. Manfred Johannes (18th WCNDT President)
Member (Past WCNDT President) Dr. Matthias Purschke
Member (General Secretary) Mr. David J. Gilbert