ICNDT Certification Executive Committee(ICEC)

The ICNDT Certification Executive Committee (ICEC) is constituted by ICNDT Operating Procedure (OP) number 18, which was approved during the April 2012 (18th) World Conference on NDT in Durban, South Africa. OP18 states that the Committee is empowered to set up Working Groups and Committees to execute specific tasks, and it is required to report on the work of such groups to the ICNDT Policy and General Purposes Committee, and to the ICNDT General Assembly.

The ICEC has seven members including a Chair, one representative of a Signatory to the MRA from each of the four ICNDT Regions, the ICNDT Treasurer and the Chairman of WG1.

The Members are appointed by the General Assembly (GA) for a term of office lasting two years until the subsequent GA (with the potential for renewal thereafter).

The present ICEC members are:

  • Mr. Harold Jansen (ICEC Chair and Africa region)
  • Mr. Peter Milligan (WG1 Chair)
  • Dr. Norikazu Ooka (Asia-Pacific region)
  • Mr. Gerhard Aufricht (ICNDT Treasurer)
  • Mr. João Rufino Teles Filho (Pan-America region)
  • Dr. Thomas Wenzel (Europe region)
  • Mr. Peter Milligan (Interim Appointment)

Other than where CEC membership is automatic (the Treasurer and WG 1 Chair), the Members and Chairman of the CEC are proposed by the ICNDT Executive Committee (IEC), taking into account the views of the Policy & General Purposes Committee (PGPC).

Method of working

The CEC is responsible to the IEC for planning its work, taking into account the ICNDT Strategic Plan and the system requirements of the MRA and PCBA. The Committee ordinarily works by consensus, holding physical meetings in association with each GA and/or telephone/internet conferences as appropriate. Voting is by simple majority with a quorum of 50% of the membership. In the case of a tied vote the Chairman has a casting vote.

The ICEC Chairman is responsible for publicising the activities of the CEC on the ICNDT website and in the ICNDT Journal, reporting on the work of the ICEC to ICNDT Working Group 1, and providing a progress report and forward work plan to each PGPC meeting.

The Committee drafts for approval by the IEC an annual income and expenditure budget covering the management and administration of the MRA and PCBA, and the Chairman (or a nominated member of the ICEC) is responsible for reporting the activities of the CEC to the IEC, attending meetings when appropriate by arrangement.

Because of the confidential nature of some of the work of the ICEC, attendance at ICEC meetings is limited to the officially appointed Members, and the day to day work of the ICEC is carried out by the CEC Secretary (icec-secretary@icndt.org).


The principle responsibilities of the ICEC include the management of activities relating to NDT personnel certification, including the ICNDT Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MRA), the ICNDT Personnel Certification Body Conformity Assessment (PCB CA) systems and an ICNDT Bank of Multi-Choice Examination Questions.

Please refer to OP18 section I for further information.