ICNDT SIG: Terahertz Users

Scope of Activities

The Terahertz Users group aims to promote and advance techniques utilising terahertz technologies for inspection of components, materials and structures. The main objective is to publicise the use of terahertz technologies to end users and to align terahertz capabilities to end-user requirements. To foster this goal, the group has compiled a promotional leaflet listing terahertz applications in the NDT domain.

To download the promotional leaflet please click bellow.
Terahertz technologies for non-destructive testing and condition monitoring
Terahertz technologies for specific applications

ICNDT SIG: Terahertz Users Contacts

Chair: Dr. Mira Naftaly
Secretary: Eleanor Flower
Sponsor Member NDT Society: The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT)