August 7, 2023

Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MRA)

The signatories to the ICNDT MRA are the full and associate members of the ICNDT that choose to support the agreement, which is indicated by signing ICNDT MRA Schedule 1 of the MRA. NDT societies that have signed the ICNDT Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MRA) are listed in ICNDT ICNDT MRA Schedule 2 Assist other interested parties by giving a clear overview of the NDT personnel certification activities in its own country, including a description of the sectorial arrangements;

  • Provide other Parties with non-confidential information on the certification scheme(s) operated by PCBs registered under this Agreement;
  • consult with and seek membership of the scheme and technical committees of NDT PCBs in its own country;
  • indemnify ICNDT against liability for the Party’s use or misuse of this MRA.

  • For more detailed information regarding the MRA, please see OP19 ICNDT Multilateral Recognition Agreement
    For information about the NDT community, the Certification and Executive Committee (ICEC) has compiled a list of known PCBs. These PCBs are not necessarily Schedule 1 or 2 approved, but except for the USA organisations, apply ISO 9712 certification standard. Please click TABLE 6 List of PCBs.pdf.